About MTS Ventures

Guided by knowledge and capabilities of great depth and diversity, MTS employs an intense, customer-driven method to produce success on every project. We utilize diverse manufacturing techniques of great sophistication and strength. We recognize what’s needed to amp up a product with that last critical degree of consumer pop. We’ve absorbed holistic methods that strip off manufacturing friction and add product value. And our ability to operate without the cost burden of a large metropolitan area puts world-class design within just about anyone’s reach.

Too many conceptually strong products never triumph in the marketplace. Only when superlative development and engineering reveal the right balance of form, function, image, cost and manufacture can a product reach its full potential. And only when the manufacturing process is clarified and expertly refined can production work most efficiently and profitably.

MTS Ventures gears its deep creative, technical and market savvy toward that powerful, lucrative outcomes. The results speak for themselves. To discover how MTS can make it happen for you, contact us today.

MTS Ventures at a glance:

Location: 905 Harrison St., Suite 136, Allentown, PA18103 USA
We occupy a historic industrial space, formerly a manufacturing line for Mack Trucks. Our upgrades and restoration created a practical and appealing work space that invokes the decades-long innovation and productivity of this locale.

Founded: 2005

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