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What does an MTS client looks like?

At MTS Ventures, the “typical client” doesn’t exist. Entrepreneur or enterprise, big budget or small, foreign or domestic, we work with clients with one thing in common – a respect and concern for quality of design and product to their customers.

We serve lots of sophisticated corporations, working intensively with their own design, engineering and development staffs. But we also make things happen every day for entrepreneurs and small manufacturers. Few companies have the breadth of internal design capabilities that MTS can provide.

We unlock the complexities of design and production to boost profitability. Our integrated services carry your products through each development phase, from initial dreams to exciting reality. The key is our proven ability to drive the design/development process from end to end using a customer focused working model. MTS’s results give you the success you expect – in the form of superior returns in margin, image, quality and cost.

Healing the patient: MTS and the reconstruction of a revolutionary therapy bike

There’s a classic conundrum in post-op or post-injury rehab for hips and knees. Best outcomes dictate that patients move early into range-of-motion exercise. But for years, pedaling a therapy bike was impossible for patients newly on the mend, and difficult […]

Once bitten: shaping the product profile for the Lyme-Aid Diagnostic Test Kit

Deer ticks infest rural and suburban communities across the United States – and many of these pests carry the bacteria that cause Lyme disease. To complicate this serious public health problem, diagnosing Lyme infections in humans and dogs can be […]

The Right Mix - Amping Up an Exciting New Musical Tool

In a tough marketing environment, it’s not enough for a new product to embody killer technology. It also needs the unmistakable look and feel of a high-tech object. The capabilities of Pivitec’s e32 Personal Mixer are cool incarnate, replacing bulky […]

Richard Schultz Design: Creating a new Outdoor, Spa, & Garden Furniture Line the new Mateo™ Collection

Richard Schultz Design, which was recently acquired by Knoll, Inc.,  creates, produces, and markets high end outdoor furniture in the mode of classic modern design. Beautiful, clean and functional, the look of a Richard Schultz outdoor piece is iconic. Originally […]

SkyBrush: Re-inventing a product, process, and business

Consider the lowly blackboard eraser. It’s the kind of workaday invention – old-school, if you like – that’s so familiar it’s all but invisible. A product like that lingers decade after decade without much change in appearance or function, not […]


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